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Jon C. Dalton Institute on College Student Values

Call for Programs


Program proposals for #Dalton18 will open on July 31, 2017!

Propose a Program

Major Questions for Discussion

These guiding questions are not exhaustive, but may provide focus for presenters and points of reflection for all attendees as you prepare for the Dalton Institute:

  • What role do campus traditions, values, policies, and practices play in perceptions of inclusion or isolation on campus?
  • How do higher education institutions support members of historically marginalized groups in building community and social capital in college?
  • How is trust experienced, expressed, and negotiated between students, faculty, staff, and the larger community?
  • In what ways do intersectionalities of identity affect experiences of inclusion and isolation on campus?
  • What is the role of pluralism in contemporary higher education? How is “ally” status claimed, granted, and expressed on today’s college campus?
  • How do colleges and universities balance free speech and academic freedom with the notions of campus as a “safe space” and “brave space”?

Programmatic Themes

  1. Ethical Leadership: development of a personal ethic and commitment to a morally just world, student development, leadership skills-building, leadership and followership
  2. Technology: role of emerging technologies in facilitating civic awareness and social consciousness, role of the institution in monitoring and/or engaging via current and emergent social platforms, social media and content as public versus private, ethical boundaries for faculty/administrators in online engagement
  3. Policy and Governance: legal and ethical guidelines shaping our work, role of the institution in managing activism on campus, purpose of higher education and how it informs our relationship to advocacy efforts on campus

Program Proposal Guidelines

  • Programs should relate to the 2018 institute theme OR to broader themes related to areas such as character and values development in college students, student outcomes, campus environments, etc.
  • All proposals are due October 2, 2017 at 11:59 PM.
  • Program sessions will be 60 minutes in length, inclusive of Q&A time.
  • Completed submissions will be confirmed via email.
  • Program proposals will be evaluated via a blind peer-review process by an independent panel of reviewers.
  • Presenters of accepted programs are responsible for registering and submitting payment as full participants for the 2017 Dalton Institute.
  • If you have questions about the submission process or experience issues with the registration process, please email us.

Proposal Evaluations

Program proposals will be evaluated in a blind, peer-review process according to the following criteria:

Category Description
Relevance to Institute theme OR to the field of college student character development more broadly Proposal draws clear connection to current theme OR proposal draws clear connection to historical or contemporary themes including, but not limited to, character and identity development, values, ethics, spiritual development, service learning, or related topics
Presentation is grounded in relevant research, assessment, and/or practice Presenter(s) have appropriate knowledge of and experience with the subject matter and have done due diligence in researching, planning, and assessing the topic or program being discussed
Practical application Proposal establishes learning outcomes and measures to assess those outcomes; participants should leave the presentation with useful information and/or practical takeaways
Organization & clarity Adherence to program submission guidelines; title and abstract effectively convey content of proposal and draw participant interest; logical flow of the presentation; minimal spelling and grammatical errors; presenter bio(s) communicate the particular experience and/or expertise of the presenter(s)
Overall rating

Reviewers will provide an overall rating for each program proposal in addition to each individual sub-category


Paper Sessions

Participate in the new Dalton Institute research track by submitting an empirical or scholarly paper proposal