The Jon C. Dalton Institute on College Student Values is an annual conference for student affairs professionals, educators, campus ministers, graduate and undergraduate students interested in character development

Participants at the 2nd annual Institute on College Student Values in 1992 (the Institute was re-named in honor of its founder in 2010).
Participants at the 2nd annual Institute on College Student Values in 1992 (the Institute was re-named in honor of its founder in 2010).

in college students. First held in 1991, the Dalton Institute is concerned with five broad areas of interests:

  • Trends in college students’ values
  • Ethical issues in college life
  • Character building educational models and strategies
  • Moral development research
  • Civic education

The Dalton Institute provides an opportunity to learn about the most current issues, research, and educational activities pertaining to character education in college. In addition, the Dalton Institute is designed to be a “think tank” for individuals who have particular interests in exploring more effective ways to promote civic education and the ethical development of college students. Originally called the Institute on College Student Values, the conference was renamed in 2010 (at the 20th Institute) as the Jon C. Dalton Institute on College Student Values to honor the work and commitment of Dr. Jon C. Dalton, the Institute’s Founder and perennial Faculty-in-Residence. In 2010, Dalton retired from teaching in the Higher Education program at Florida State University. Dalton served as the Vice President for Student Affairs at FSU before entering his role as a full-time faculty member. He is a past president of NASPA (Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education), serves as Co-Editor of the Journal of College and Character, and has won numerous awards including NASPA’s Pillar of the Profession in 2001 and NASPA’s John L. Blackburn Distinguished Pillar Award in 2015.

Our Logo


The first Institute on College Student values was held at Wakulla Springs Conference Center on the Florida Gulf Coast in 1991. The egret, a native of the warm Gulf waters, represents tranquility and serenity and was present that first weekend. It been the Institute’s mascot since our inception.

Featured Speakers


Larry Roper, Ph. D., Sharron Daloz Parks, Ph. D., Matthew Mayhew, Ph.D.


Annemarie Vaccaro, Patty Perillo, Darris Means


Norman Anderson, Nancy Thomas, Brandi Hephner LaBanc, Charles H.F. Davis III
2017 Beverly Daniel Tatum, Vernon Wall, Alyssa N. Rockenbach, Sam Museus
2016 George Kuh, Jamie Washington, Penny Rue, Atira Charles
2015 Alexander Astin, Shaun Harper, Will Barratt, Andrew Seligsohn, Clare Cady
2014 Arthur Chickering, Richard Keeling, John Ratey, Gage Paine
2013 Jean Twenge, Kevin Kruger, Kent Smith, Eric Stoller, Laura Pasquini
2012 Eboo Patel, Jessica Jackley, Elizabeth Griego, Spencer Ton, Jacob Okumu
2011 Parker Palmer, Marcia Baxter Magolda, Lori White, Joe O’Shea
2010 Alexander Astin, Helen Astin, Arthur Chickering, Gwendolyn Jordan Dungy, George Kuh, Arthur Levine
2009 Nansook Park, Cathy Scroggs, Larry Braskamp, James Pawelski, Christopher Peterson, Shane Lopez, Mark Pogue
2008 Robert Nash, DeMethra LaSha Bradley, James Wagner, Johnetta Cross Brazzell, Bob Connor
2007 Sylvia Hurtado, Larry Roper, Elizabeth Kiss, Larry Moneta
2006 Marcia Baxter Magolda, Rebecca Chopp, Alan Wolfe, Scotty McLennan Jr.
2005 Susan Komives, Barry Posner, Robert Nash, Diana Chapman Walsh
2004 Alexander Astin, Helen Astin, Beverly Daniel Tatum, Roy Baumeister, Jennifer Lindholm
2003 George Kuh, Linda Sax, Micheal Nettles, Adam Taylor, Robert Zernsky
2002 Arthur Chickering, Sharon Daloz Parks, George Rupp, William Willimon
2001 Derek Bok, Marcia Mentkowski, Elizabeth Kiss, Tom Ehrlich, Anne Colby
2000 Edward Malloy, Thomas Hearn, Tad Oelstrom, Claire Gaudiani, Carol Schneider
1999 J. Herman Blake, Gary Pavela, Robert Atwell, Maureen Hartford
1998 Cornel West, Arthur Levine, Leo Sandon, Thomas Lickona, Patricia Martin
1997 George Kuh, Sharon Daloz Parks, James Fowler, Charles Reed
1996 Helen Astin, Vincent Tinto, Elizabeth Nuss, Reginald Wilson
1995 Arthur Chickering, Patrick Terenzini, Anne Colby, Talbot D’Alemberte
1994 Arthur Levine, Susan Stroud, Benjamin Barber, James Lyons
1993 Alexander Astin, Ernest Boyer, William Sloane Coffin, Helen Horowitz
1992 Ernest Pascarella, Patricia King, William Sloane Coffin, Jerome Stern
1991 Jon Dalton, L. Lee Knefelkamp, Arthur Levine, Art Sandeen, Margaret Barr, Janet Burroway, William Jones