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2012 Dalton Institute Information

Values to Action: Preparing College Students to be Positive Changemakers in the Global Society

The Jon C. Dalton Institute on College Student Values has focused on issues related to values, ethics, and character in college student development for over two decades.  Thanks to a generous gift from the John Templeton Foundation, the 22nd annual Dalton Institute will continue this tradition by focusing on the role of colleges and universities in promoting social entrepreneurialism.

The 2012 Dalton Institute, taking place in Tallahassee, FL on February 2nd-4th, will examine higher education’s role in helping students to transform their visions for a better world into practical strategies for making a positive difference with their lives.  The Institute program will review what leading colleges are doing to engage students in the development of social capital and how higher education can be more effective in promoting personal and social responsibility during the college years.


Major topics of discussion can include:

  1. Exploring the meaning of social entrepreneurialism.
  2. How does social entrepreneurialism contribute to a better world?
  3. Where is the intersection between faith and social entrepreneurialism and what does that mean for college students?
  4. Clarifying why values-based entrepreneurialism is important for college students.
  5. What is the role of educators in helping students to translate beliefs into results?
  6. What role do faculty members and practitioners have in developing values-based entrepreneurialism inside and outside of the classroom?
  7. Investigating the role of social action in today’s college curriculum.
  8. How do you translate social visions into outcomes for a better world?
  9. What are current practices and programs that focus on business entrepreneurs leading in a values-based way?
  10. What is the entrepreneurial university’s role in modern society?

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